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Wall Pillow, HEY LADIES!

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Wall Pillow, HEY LADIES!
Wall Pillow, HEY LADIES!
Wall Pillow, HEY LADIES!
Wall Pillow, HEY LADIES!

A pillowy painting in porcelain intended to bring beauty and a focal point to a little corner of your home.

This wall pillow is a nod to mod and features four ladybugs meandering around very cherry environs. The song title “Hey Ladies[!]” by the Beastie Boys adds another layer of pattern and speaks to my love of text, lush vintage ads, and the importance of pollinators.

Glazed in a glossy transparent w. a cherry red arabesque and polka dots and hand-brushed detail in mint, olive, red, and black.

About, Care, & Hanging:

- Approx. 7" h x 7" w x 2 1/2" d; 3 lbs.

- Hand-built mid-range porcelain w. underglaze, slip-trail, and inlay deco.

- Very easy to clean and insusceptible to humidity and other unkind conditions, so while it's great in any room, it's particularly perfect for the bathroom & kitchen.

- The back has a slot for easy hanging on one screw (use an anchor if necessary) to cleat flat to the wall.

Note: If your order costs less to pack & ship, I reimburse overages.

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