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Tools: Slip-trailer

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Tools: Slip-trailer
Tools: Slip-trailer
Tools: Slip-trailer
Tools: Slip-trailer

I've used variations on this trailer for over 25 years and it's one of my favorite and most-used tools in my decorating arsenal! Easy to fill and comfy to hold, add smooth consistent slip with practice and you'll be slip-trailing rings around your work in no time!  Slip-trailing online workshop available!


- Included with purchase (as pictured): bulb, tip & replacement tip (same gauge size), and paper clip for unclogging tip.

- 3” l x 2 1/8” diameter, w. tip  4 1/4” l

- holds 3 ounces/ 88 ml

- 15 gauge tip

Use: To remove tip, gently rock & pull, replace gently the same way. To fill: Remove tip, turn bulb upside down & squeeze, submerge into slip 1/2" & release pressure. Tamp bottom of bulb on table to shift slip to the bottom. Repeat so full. Clean off excess slip, replace tip, and go to town! Use paperclip to clear tip if gets clogged. To clean: Remove tip and squeeze excess slip out of trailer. Squeeze & suck up clean water into bulb. Shake bulb, squeeze out water and repeat. Replace tip, squeeze and suck water into trailer thru tip. Shake again, squeeze water out thru tip, repeat till water is clean. Happy trailing!

Tools are not eligible for refund.