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Planter w. Geometric Floral in Frost gloss

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Planter w. Geometric Floral in Frost gloss
A Victorian mod planter to complement your favorite plant. This particular planter is stamped with a geometric floral or snowflake pattern. Wonderful gift idea for an upcoming holiday or event paired with a young plant, herb, or bulb. Glazed in a glossy light turquoise, and ready for planting.

I throw this form on the potter’s wheel in such a way that the saucer and planter are one piece. I then use stamps I design and make to impress and alter the surface of the planter wall. My fingerprint is on the other side of each one of the stamps. No molds are used.

- Approx. 5" h x 6" diameter.
- Plant friendly.
- This planter has three drainage holes in the wall of the pot for excess water to drain into the saucer.

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