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Wall Pillow w. Lilacs in Frost & Sky Blue

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Wall Pillow w. Lilacs in Frost & Sky Blue
Wall Pillow w. Lilacs in Frost & Sky Blue
Wall Pillow w. Lilacs in Frost & Sky Blue
Wall Pillow w. Lilacs in Frost & Sky Blue
This Victorian modern wall art is like a small, pillow -y painting in porcelain intended to bring beauty and pattern to a little corner of your home. Too dimensional to be called a tile, too poofy to be called a box, this plump form with collage – like decoration will add a lovely focal point to your home décor.

This new wall pillow is more layered than ever before with even more color! A lovely mix of glossy and satin light turquoise with a sky blue arabesque shape layered under a subtle pattern and a textural lilac floral detailed with navy blue and tangerine orange polka dots as well as orange inlay circles. Spring year round!

I individually hand-build these pillow forms with porcelain, choosing a unique combination of lush, layered decoration for each one, including the ceramic techniques of slip-trailing, slip-sponging, underglaze, and Mishima (inlay). The ornate surfaces wrap around the form, so each angle offers a different, elegant view. Every one is unique, and one-of-a-kind.

About, Care, & Hanging:
- Approx. 7" h x 4 3/4" w x 2 1/2" d
- Approximately 2 lbs.
- Because they are ceramic, they are very easy to clean and insusceptible to humidity and other unkind conditions (unlike a paper or canvas art), so while they are great in any room, they are particularly perfect for bathroom and kitchen decoration.
- It has a slotted opening in the back for easy hanging (one screw --use an anchor if necessary--
is all that is needed to hold it tight) and self-leveling. Hangs flat to the wall.

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