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Stamped Mug w. Honey Bees in Frost

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Stamped Mug w. Honey Bees in Frost
Stamped Mug w. Honey Bees in Frost
Stamped Mug w. Honey Bees in Frost
A Victorian modern mug featuring the honey bee! I glazed this cup in a satin light turquoise with a glossy interior and "colorized" two bees with hand-brushed color creating a lovely focal point on each side. This cup is about the celebration of the honey bee as an important pollinator in our ecosystem. Truly a cup for daily celebration.

I throw this form on the potter’s wheel and then use a stamp I design and make to impress and alter the surface of the cup. My fingerprint is on the other side of each one of the imprints. The undulation from the stamping and textural relief creates a wonderfully soft and tactile surface with each sip.

The handles I make (two pieces) are hand-pulled and built for comfort, durability, AND elegance. I also decorate with slip-trailing --the clay version of cake decorating. No molds are used. Every cup is handmade by me alone, and is wheel-thrown, stamped, altered, trimmed, built, slip-trailed, multi-glazed, and fired twice for your using pleasure.


Approx. 4" h x 5" l x 3 3/4" d; 12 oz.

- The clay and glazes are lead-free and food safe.
- My work is both elegant AND intended for your use and enjoyment. While very durable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe, handmade pottery can need (and happily, deserves) a little more love to prolong its life than contemporary manufactured ware: Because of the abrasive nature of dishwashing detergent, which could eventually dull the surface over time, hand washing is not necessary, but recommended. Do not pour boiling, stovetop water directly into handmade ware. “Pre-warming” your cup by swirling warm/hot tap water prior to pouring your fave hot beverage is recommended.

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